There are two classifications of Farm Bureau members in Indiana: Voting and Associate (non-voting) members.

Voting Membership:  An individual, partnership, unincorporated association or a corporation who owns or operates a farm or who is engaged and derives an income from agriculture. Agriculture includes the commercial production of plants, aquatic species, forestry, animals, beekeeping and related production activities. Farms commercially produce and market agricultural commodities and products. Agritourism ventures generally fall under this category.

 Associate Membership: Any person, firm or corporation interested in agriculture to a lesser degree than that of a voting member. Associate members are entitled to the same membership privileges as a voting member with the exceptions of voting and holding office.


Benefits of Membership

Not only are you helping support the mission of Farm Bureau, but as a member you receive an abundance of member benefits ranging from discounts on flowers, hotels, and computers, to accidental death benefits to identity fraud protection. Check out all of the benefits at


Two additional types of memberships are also available.

Select Membership can be established for the spouse of primary members. Select members, as well as biological or adopted children under the age of 21 in the household, will then receive accidental death coverage of $2,000 as well as increasing the primary member’s accidental death coverage to $4,000.

Student Membership can be established for students regardless of whether their parents have a membership. The collegiate Indiana Farm Bureau program is the initial focus of this membership.


Membership Dues:

Primary Membership (Voting or Associate) – $32.50

Select Membership (Voting or Associate) – $15.00

Student Membership (Voting or Associate) – $15.00


To become a member or for more information, visit